What Do Rugby Bettors Need to Know About The Rebranded Premiership Shield?

Jason Hennessy

Jason Hennessy

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Jason Hennessy


These are exciting times for rugby fans, as the previously named A League will become known as the Premiership Rugby Shield from the 2018/19 season onwards.

The revitalised brand will bring about new followers of the game, and generate more interest at this level. It could also lead to more betting opportunities with a greater number of bookies and punters getting involved. So what do bettors need to know about the rebranded league?

As it stands, there will be no major changes coming into play when the Premiership Rugby Shield kicks off for its first season. It is simply a rebranding of the A League which began in 2003. It will still comprise of twelve sides, split into groups of six in a North Pool and South Pool. The main aim of the league is to help develop youth players, with the vast majority of participants in the league under 23 years old.

There is also an emphasis on helping young coaches earn their stripes. The competition has tended to feature young coaches over the years, who have had the opportunity to compete and prepare teams against more senior players. This is solid experience for the future.

The league poses an interesting dilemma for bettors, as they are often dealing with a number of unknown factors. For instance, betting on up-and-coming youth players can be less reliable than staking on well-known stars. The main thing for bettors to remember is to do a lot of research first. A good site to stake on the games would be Betway, as there is a lot on offer aside from betting. When finding out more about Betway sportsbook, bettors will also realise that there is an extensive online casino on offer with a wide range of games.

A good online casino should have competitive welcome bonuses for new players, such as deposit matches and free spins. Of course, it is also an added bonus for rugby fans if there is a sportsbook, as it provides an opportunity to play games and stake on the matches at the same time.

Bettors should look at the Premiership Shield as a simple rebranding, and stake on the games in the same way they did in the past. There is a chance, though, that in future, as the league gets bigger, there will be more information available to help when placing bets.