Watch: This Worrying Dan Biggar Interview Has A Lot Of People Talking

This is not good.

Dan Biggar was given a chance to snatch victory at the death this afternoon against Leinster but failed to convert a penalty opportunity.

He has been heavily criticised online for the attempt, given the fact that it was well within the range of a player of his ability.

It should be noted however that Biggar was taken off with 58 minutes on the clock to get a cut on his head patched up, he then returned with 66 minutes on the clock with his head heavily bandaged. A few minutes later he missed another fairly straightforward kick.

Now this is where it gets interesting. In his post-match interview, Biggar noted that he couldn’t really remember the last ten minutes of the game.

“Can’t really remember an awful lot of the last 10 minutes, to be honest. I was a little bit dazed.”

The issue here is did Biggar receive a HIA when he went off with the head injury? If not, then why? If yes, then how did he pass it?

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