Watch: How Rugby Has Changed Since The Onset Of Professionalism

Professionalism was always going to drastically change rugby, and not just in the sense that players would be paid.

As part of their Rugby Change Series, Ricoh have released a brilliant video taking a look a just how drastically it has changed the game.

Featuring a number of key Premiership Rugby stakeholders, the film investigates the impact ‘professionalism’ has had, not just on the game as a whole but on the players, coaches and fans alike, as well as exploring its increasing commercial value and how this will inevitably affect the game going forward.

As a global technology company that has been transforming the way people work for more than 80 years, Ricoh believe that inspiring new ideas and embracing change are crucial to success in both business and sport. Their Ricoh Rugby Change Series aims to bring this home through insights into how rugby has evolved in the professional era.

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