Watch: Anthony Foley’s Final Try For Munster Epitomises His Rugby Genius


Absolute genius.

As we all try to come to terms with the tragic loss of one of our all-time greatest rugby players, we have been reminded in the last few days of how wonderful a man he was and how truly brilliant a rugby player he was.


Foley was a mixture of old school and new-era having played before and during the professional era. A standout at school’s level, the Munster number eight rose to the pinnacle of rugby as a result of his sheer determination, excellent work ethic and most importantly- rugby intelligence.

Always ready for the quick tap and always fully aware of his surroundings, this video uploaded by Munster’s head performance analyst, George Murray, truly epitomises just how smart a footballer Foley was.


In his final game against Glasgow in 2008, befitting of the man, he grabbed a try only Anthony Foley would score. Cleverly hiding behind the touch judge, before sneaking into the corner. Absolutely brilliant.



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