Video: Caucaunibuca Is Back

The man once hailed as the ‘Greatest Attacking Player In Rugby’ has gone back to his roots with Northland in a last ditch attempt to revive his career. After many ups and down in a career littered with a host of clubs including Top 14 sides Agen and Toulose, Rupeni ‘CauCau’ has returned to where it all began to perhaps add some more highlights to a career that no doubt should have been a lot more. At 34 years of age Rupeni looks to be in impressive shape and with another 34-year old on the other side of the world showing us it can still be done at that age,┬áthen here’s hoping Rupeni can do the same. We think it’s safe to say- almost everyone would love to see this man play one more season at the top, whether it be Super 15 or in Europe. CauCauLAD


Jason Hennessy

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